Dr. Ashok K Nandwani Principal Contact No. (C) 062397-64882, (H) 01832557444


1Dr.Ashok K.NandwaniKayachikitsaProfessor & Principal5
2Dr.Neerja SharmaPrasuti TantraProfessor 4
3Dr.Jasbir KaurPrasuti TantraProfessor 1
4Dr.Rajeev SoodPanchkarmaProfessor 0
5Dr.Minaxi AroraDravyagunaProfessor 2
6Dr.Reeta AbrolAgad tantraProfessor 5
7Dr.Ligade Vidya Rachna SharirProfessor0
9Dr.Ritesh ChawlaKayachikitsaReader2
10Dr.Varun BehlShalya TantraReader0
11Dr.Sudha BhallaKaumarbhritiyaReader2
12Dr.Gurpreet KaurSawasthvritta & YogaReader4
13Dr.Pawan SharmaPanchkarmaReader2
14Dr.Paramjit SinghShalya TantraReader5
15Dr. Phand Sheetal Kriya SharirReader0
16Dr Rajeev Sharma.Ayurved Samhita & Siddhanta(Sanskrit)Lecturer1
17Dr.Rohit Padalkar Ayurved Samhita & SiddhantaLecturer0
18Dr.TipuShalakya TantraReader2
19Dr.Sneha GutakarKaumarbhritiyaLecturer2
20Dr.Sheetal SharmaAyurved Samhita & SiddhantaReader0
21Dr.Sajjad Elahi MalikSwasthvritta & YogaLecturer2
22Dr. MilindRog NidanLecturer2
23Dr.Venus MarwahaRachna SharirLecturer3
24Dr.Bhanu PuriAyurved Samhita & SiddhantaLecturer2
25Dr.Sunny SharmaRachna SharirLecturer4
27Dr.Harmeet KaurRas-ShastraLecturer5
28Dr.AshwaniAgad tantraLecturer3
29Dr.Rosy ChauhanPanchkarmaLecturer4
30Dr.Harsimranjit KaurRog nidanLecturer1
31Dr. AnamikaDravyagunaLecturer3


Dr.Anuradha Thapa


Shalya Tantra

Kriya Sharir





34Dr.SaundaryaRas ShastraLecturer0
35Dr.Amandeep GuptaShalakya TantraLecturer0
36Mr.Gurpreet SinghAyurved Samhita & Siddhanta Lecturer2
37Mr.Mohit SharmaSwasthvritta& YogaLecturer2

Sr.NoEmp IdNameDepartmentDesignation
1SNT05Ms.Jyoti SharmaLibraryLibrarian1
2SNT 28Mr.Rohit SharmaLibraryAssistant Librarian3
3SNT 19Mrs.Rajwinder KaurLibraryLibrary Attendant or Peon2
4SNT 01Mr.Ramesh KumarOfficeClerical staff for admin.& acc. services10
5SNT 02Mr.Fakir Chand SainiOfficeClerical staff for admin.&acc. services1.5
6SNT 11Mr.Varun SharmaOfficeClerical staff for admin.&acc. services1.5
7SNT 29Mr.MunishOfficeClerical staff for admin.& acc. services0
8SNT 15Mr.MunishSharmaSamhita & SiddhantaAttendant1
9SNT04Mr.Vipan GautamRachna SharirLaboratory Technician1
10SNT 30Mr.Ram AvadhRachna SharirLaboratory Assisstant1
11SNT 23Mr.Gurmej SinghRachna SharirMuseum Keeper1
12SNT 27Mr.Balwinder SinghRachna SharirAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker1
13SNT 06Mr.SandeepKriya SharirLaboratory Technician1
14SNT 08Mr.Ravi ShankerKriya SharirLaboratory Assisstant1
15SNT 12Mr.Vishal SharmaKriya SharirAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker0
16SNT 41Mr. Harjinder SinghKriya SharirMuseum Keeper0
17SNT09Mr.Harbinder SinghDravyagunaLaboratory Technician1
18SNT 07Mrs.Monika LuthraDravyagunaLaboratory Assisstant1
19SNT 25Mr.Bhagwant SinghDravyagunaMuseum Keeper0
20SNT 42Mr.Sarabjeet SinghDravyagunaAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker1
21SNT 10Mrs.Shveta AroraRasa ShastraLaboratory Technician1
22SNT 37Mr.Sukhwinder SinghRasa ShastraLaboratory Assisstant1
23SNT 21Mr.HimachalRasa ShastraAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker0
24SNT 26Mr.Sukhraj SinghRoga NidanLaboratory Technician0
25SNT 3Mr.Suresh RanaRoga NidanLaboratory Technician6
26SNT 40Mr.Sukhwinder SinghRoga NidanLaboratory Assisstant1
27SNT 47Kanwaljeet KaurRoga NidanAttendant or Peon or Multipurpose Worker1
28SNT 16Mrs.MonikaSwasthavritta & AgadMuseum Keeper1
29SNT 14Mr.Jaimal SinghSwasthavritta & AgadAttendant1
30SNT 39Mrs.Kulwinder KaurKaumarbhritya & PanchkarmaAttendant1
31SNT 20Mrs.Parveen KaurKayachikitsa & ParsutiAttendant2
32SNT 13Mr.Shyam LalHerbal GardenGardener1
33SNT 22Mr. Sant SewakHerbal GardenMultipurpose Worker5
34SNT 17Mr.Nirmal KarnailinghHerbal GardenMultipurpose Worker0


DEC 2020 Attendance 
Paramedical staff 
S.No.Name Of Employee DepartmentDesignationLEAVES
1DR KRISHAN GOPALHospital StaffDeputy M.S4
2DR SUNNYHospital StaffM.O0
3DR GOPIKAHospital StaffM.O0
4DR ANEESAHospital StaffM.O0
5DR. KIRTIHospital StaffM.O0
6DR. SAKSHIHospital StaffM.O2
7DR SHALLYHospital StaffM.O0
9DR SUKHPREET KAURModern Medicalal StaffPhysiotherapist2
10DR MOHIT SHARMAStaff for PanchkarmaYoga Expert9
11DR. DEEKSHA SOODHospital StaffM.O0
12MRS PARAMJIT KAURHospital StaffMatron1
13MRS NIRMALJIT KAURHospital StaffAssit. Matron0
14MISS KIRANPREET KAURHospital StaffStaff Nurse0
15MRS RANDEEPHospital StaffStaff Nurse0
16MISS NEHAHospital StaffStaff Nurse0
17MRS KAMALJIT KAURHospital StaffStaff Nurse0
18MR SHAM CHAUDHARYHospital StaffPharmacist0
19MR VISHAL SALWANHospital StaffUp Vaidya0
20MR DALBIR SINGHHospital StaffWard Boy2
21MR PARVEENHospital StaffDresser5
22MR AJAYHospital StaffStore Keeper18
23MISS SHAWETAComputerData Entry Operator1
24MR JAGJIT SINGHModern Medicalal StaffX-ray Tachnician1
25MISS SAKSHIComputerData Entry Operator0
26MR SANJAYClinical LaboratoryLab Technician0
27MR VISHAL SHARMAClinical LaboratoryLab Technician0
28MR NEERAJ BEDIClinical LaboratoryPeon/ Attendant2
29MRS RUPINDER KAURStaff of PanchkarmaPanchkarma Staff Nurse0
30MR RAGHU SHARMAStaff of PanchkarmaMale PK Assitant4
31MR HARMOHINDERStaff of PanchkarmaMale PK Assitant3
32MRS SUNITA SHARMAStaff of PanchkarmaPanchkarma Assitant3
33MRS SHARDHAStaff of PanchkarmaFemale PK Assitant2
34MRS ALKAHospital StaffOT Nurse0
35MRS SUMAN KHOSLALabour RoomMidwife2
36MR DEEPAKHospital StaffWard Boy / Aaya0
37MRS BALWINDER KAURHospital StaffWard Boy / Aaya11
38MRS PARAMJIT KAURHospital StaffWard Boy / Aaya6
39MISS URMILAOthersCook4
40MRS BHAJAN KAUROthersOthers0
41MR SURAJ GIREOthersMasseur0
42MR ANILOthersSecurity Guard0
43MR NARESHOthersElectrician0
44MR RAJUOthersWasherman0
45MRS MAMTAHospital StaffStaff Nurse0
46MR SHIVAOthersBone setter0
47MR HARPALHospital StaffDark Room Attendant 0
49MRS JANAK RANIOthersOthers0


Alumni of Our college

Our students are very much disciplined,hard working & have good intellect.They are getting good positions in university results.Our graduates are serving patients in urban as well as rural areas & getting full honour in the society.Apart from this,they have been selected for M.D.(Ayu.) & other P.G.courses not only in reputed institutes of ayurveda in India but also in universities of abroad….more


Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery- B.A.M.S)
The Candidate will be awarded Ayurvedacharya (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery-B.A.M.S) …more

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